What is music for Marc Hess? 

„Music is the universal language of mankind, knowing neither frontiers nor boundries. An inexhaustible reservoir  for creative process. Music comes from human beings. Therefor, mutual respect is a basic requirement, for releasing  unimagined, hidden abilities“.

It was the time of  „The Beatles“, „Platters“ and „Elvis Presley“ when Marc´s father Karl, earned his money as a musician. So it was no wonder, that  Marc discovered his love for music very early in his childhood and was fascinated from all the instruments „lying around“ in the apartment. 

He made his first vocalexperiences in the famous Tyrolian children choir „Wiltener Sängerknaben“ and began to sing and play the guitar in different bands.

The wish, working as a professionell musician, came very early and so he began to study vocals and piano.

Marc is a „Free Spirit“, who doesn’t feel comfortable in deadlocked structures where he cannot unfold.

He began to walk his own way and came in touch for the first time with the Musical „Jesus Christ Superstar“,which would stand out as directional later on. 

But first he studied Jazz vocals and played many concerts with different bands with different styles. But again it was „Jesus Christ Superstar“, that let him deal intensively with the genre Musical.


He began to study acting and dancing  and had a great goal in front of his eyes: Producing professionell musicals with domestic artists. In the very successful productions “Jesus Christ Superstar” (2001/02/05/18), “Hair” (2003), and “Rent” (2009 , Austrian Premiere!) he was the producer, musical director and main actor.

Marc Hess is founder and musical director of the  vocal group „Die Templesänger“, the Jazzquartett „Four 4 Swing“, the Gospelchoir „Marc Hess Gospel Singers“ and the acoustic Quartett „Avalon“.

He has an excellent reputation as a vocal teacher in the state music school in his country.

„Every project has it’s time“ says Marc Hess. Now it is time for his „heart project“: writing and singing his own songs.

2014 he released his first soloalbum „Because I’m Crazy“ und was a semi finalist in the „United Kingdom Songwriting Contest“ in the category „SingerSongwriter with two of his songs.

His new song "The Book Of Life" made it in the Semi Finals of the "UK Songwriting Contest" and the

"USA Songwriting Contest" in the Country category!!

The new album „The Book Of Life“ shall be released in 2023.

Marc loves telling stories but also packing sociocritical statements into songs.